London Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper Tissue treatment

  Deep tissue massage works on the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and connective tissue. Deep tissue massage uses similar movements as Swedish massage, with stronger pressure. Work is to release muscle tension or knots.
London Deep Tissue Massage
London Deep Tissue Massage

Elbow work, Skin Rolling

   A Deep Tissue Massage run slowly with the point of the elbow up the length of the spine. This releases both superficial and deeper muscles. We use elbows, forearms and hands. Skin rolling is another movement.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • reduced pain
  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • improved mobility
  • increased range of motion
  • restored ease of movement
  • reduced muscle tension and spasm
  • improve  both circulatory and nerve function

London Deep Tissue Massage

London Deep Tissue Massage price:

1 hour: £ 70


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