Thai Massage Benefits

London Thai Massage London Thai Massage London Thai Massage

Whole Body Treatment

   Experiencing Yoga postures passively allows time to feel posture and internalize the mind and body. The overall effect of Thai Massage is opening of tight joints and lenghtening of muscles, combined with a sense of deep relaxation and well being. The emphasis put on receiver relaxing makes deep stretches much more effective. Problem areas are often considerably improved because the whole body is treated, rather then concentrating solely on the specific area. Releasing tight hips, for example, often has immidiate effect on lower back pain.

Natural Therapy

   London Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a natural way of therapy avoiding remedies and sometimes resolves more then quimical treatment aand without side effects. It is given with awareness and care and can substitute physiotherapy, recovery after stroke, returning mobility and treating frozen shoulder, asthma and back pain.

Energy Flow

   Most Yoga Systems consider that there are 72 nadis(energy channels). However, Thai Yoga massage is based on the concept of energy system comprising of 10 primary nadis known as Sen, through energy is transformed and distributed in human body.

   London Thai Massage works to stimulate, open and balance the flow of energy through Sen Lines to assist the body in it's natural tendency towards self healing. This is achieved through:

  • rhytmic manipulation of Sen Lines
  • a combination of stretch and pressure is applied to demobilisation joints
  • pressure is applied to specific points along the Sen Lines using the thumb, palms, feet and elbows


London Thai Yoga Massage


I am Blocked

   Blocked Sen Lines are usually chronic conditions cased by fatigue, bad posture and repetitive stress. They usually manifest as muscle knots, tendonitis, stiffness, soreness, dull pain, weakness and dumbness. Blockages are obstructions in Sen Lines that cause the flow of energy to organs and limbs along the channel.

Meditation in Movement

   Thai Yoga Massage is really a form of meditation in movement, which results in increased sensitivity between giver and receiver. The giver synchronizes his breath with the each movement, establishing a gentle, controlled and rhytmic pattern which induces an almost trance like state in the receiver and a meditative state in the giver.

Back to Normal

   When a blockage or break occurs, Thai Massage concentrates on restoring the body's normal function through stimulation of affected Sen Lines. Nuad Boran(Thai Massage), blend of acupressure and stretching is considered to be energy work rather than body work, and only secondarily improves flexibility and strenght, circulation, fatigue, strains, repairs damaged tissue and release stiffness and sore, detoxify the body, highen immune system, prevent disease and injury by promoting flexibility and supple joints and ligaments. When putting clients into a stretch deeply, it is beneficial for them to breathe deeply to relax lower abdomen and lower back. Breathing reduces tension throughout the entire body and detoxifies by releasing stagnant energy, gases.

London Thai Massage London Thai Massage London Thai Massage
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