Thai Massage History & Sen lines

Original Client: Lord Buddha

   The origin of Thai Massage can be tracked back to 2500 years to India and spread of Buddhism.

   It is attributed to legendary figure Jivak Kumar Bacha(known in Thailand as Sivago Komarpaj), a celebrated yogi and a doctor in the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda, science that recreates harmonious living.
   Of all the famous people Jivak attedend, the most distinguished was Buddha. A such, this ancient message spread to Thailand with the passage of Buddhism across the asian continent.

Art of Healing

    The true practice of the art of healing is the compassionate intent of the healer. Prayer, humility, awareness and the concentration bring the practitioner and a client to a deeper level of awareness and heals through touch. By performing the steps correctly with the amount of intensity these actions will be positive and helpful. Benefit of the touch increases multiple times when infused with the will to heal.

Loving Kindness

    The practitioner imparts good energy and dissolves negativity during the massage. Work is done in clearing the energetic blockages and harmonizing the body and mind. It is a physical application of loving kindness, Metta Meditation.

London Thai Yoga Massage
London Thai Yoga Massage

Pray for Help

   A great advantage of Thai Massage is that giving is as good as receiving. Thai Yoga Massage is part of spiritual discipline, and reflects the Buddhist teaching. The Massage is given with sense of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. Before giving a massage, the masseur invokes the help and guidance of founder Jivaka by offering a prayer. The prayer is a way for the giver to centre himself so that the massage is given with awareness and mindfulness.

Health Improved

   Parts of the body which are serviced by the Sen Lines can become affected by these energy imbalances and cease to function optimally. The goal of treatment is to correct these energy imbalances by working Sen Lines, which fosters improved health and mental well being.

London Thai Yoga Massage, Sen lines London Thai Yoga Massage, Sen lines London Thai Yoga Massage, Sen lines


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