Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

Yoga and Massage

Yoga for Lazy People

   Yoga is doing stretching on yourself and Thai Yoga Massage is someone doing the work for you, or sometimes called yoga for the lazy people. It can be meditative and works with breathing. By working on the lines, the whole body is treated, releasing the blocked energies and restoring health, harmony and balance to life force called prana.

Passive Stretching

   The manipulative aspect of Thai massage is particulary interesting because the positions closely resmble the of asanas of Hatha Yoga, and have the same benefits. The receiver is moved into a position by the giver, the movement often being repeated several times with an increasing degree of intensity. The passive experience of the stretches allows the receiver to relax deeper into the position, releasing tension and letting go. The positions in Thai Massage follow the natural and logical sequence. Each position is the preparation for the next, leading the receiver to increasing degree of stretching and opening.


Ballance the Energy System

   Traditional Thai Massage is the best structured whole body massage, which uses a combination of stretching and pressure to achieve a unique treastment. Thai Massage is a very holistic therapy where a human being is seen and treated as an ever changing network of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that all influence each other. It's primary aim is to restore and ballance the body's energy system, which comprises of multitude of energy lines that run through the body.

Blockage Release

   Traditional Thai Yoga Massage focuses on 10 sen lines to ensure optimum health an well being. These meridians supply the body with the energy that is necessary for survival and healthy functioning. Due to physical and emotional trauma, bad posture and injuries these can be blocked and trapped, causing disease. Thai Massage with its amazing multitude of tecniques and adjustments can release these blockages and bring the body back to its natural equilibrium where perfect ballance and wellbeing are present.




   Thai Yoga Massage received from an experienced masseur will feel like one flowing, dance like sequence.

   Moving in this way, working through the sequence of yoga like stretches combined with the breath, has remarkable similarities with Yoga.


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