"On that night, while I meditated, all of a sudden the room was illuminated of a gold light. In the light that if it turned blue brilliant it was our beloved Babaji. He said:
- My daughter know that it is not necessary to the devotees come here for us to find me. That that if one internalizes with deep devotion,calling-me and believing in me, he will find my answer.
This is the message the all you. As it is truth. Think, if you just believed, if you had devotion and invoke quietly for Babaji, you would receive his answer.

Then I said:
- Babaji, mine Lord, our Guru taught us the when we want to notice the wisdom we should pray Sri Yukteswarji, because he is all jnana, full of wisdom, and when we want to feel the beatitude, ananda, we should take communion with Lahiri Mahasaya. Which is your nature?. To the saying this, felt as if my heart exploded of love, that love - millions of loves in a single love! He is every love; his nature is prem, divine love.

In spite of silent, I could not conceive a more eloquent answer; but Babaji turned still sweeter and significant in saying these words:
- My nature is love; because the love will just be able to change the world.

The presence of the great avatar disolved slowly in a blue light, leaving me involved in love divine. Remembered than Gurudeva told me little time before leaving his body. I had asked:
- Master, usually when the leader leaves the body, an organization no more grows, begins to decline. How will we do without the Lord? What will maintain us and will it inspire us when the Lord it is not here physically?
I will never forget about his answer:
- When I have left that world, only the love can take my place. Night and day are submerged in the love of God, for not thinking in nothing else. And give that love to all.
That is also the message of Babaji. A message for our time.
Like this, my beloved, divide with you that experience and know that Babaji lives and his eternal message is of divine love."
(Only Love)