Kriya Yoga
Kriya Yoga is a simple psycophisiologic method, by which the human blood descarbonizates and turns to oxygenate. The atoms of this extra-oxygen transmute- in vital current to rejuvenate the brain and the centers of the spine. Stopping the accumulation of veined blood, the yogi can decrease or avoid the degeneration of the fabrics. The advanced yogi transmute their cells in energy. Elias, Jesus, Kabir and other prophets were, in the past, masters in the use of Kriya or of a similar technique, for the which they materialized or their desmaterialized comfortable bodies.

Kriya is a very old science. Láhiri Mahásaya received it from his great guru, Babají, that rediscovered and it purified this technique after the Medium Age, time in that it was lost. Babají baptized it again, simply, Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga is an instrument that can accelerate the human evolution - it explained Sri Yukteswar to his students. - The old yogis discovered that the secret of the cosmic conscience links intimately to the domain of the breathing. This is the nonpareil contribution, and immortal, of the Indian, to the treasure of knowledge of the world. The vital force, that is commonly used to maintain the heart pulsation, it should be used for superior activities through a method that calms and deteriorate the incessant demands of the breathing.

Kriya Yogi drives its vital energy mentally upward and down, in order to rotate around the six spinal centers (medular plexus ,cervical, number, lumbar, sacred and coccígeal), corresponding to the twelve astral signs of the Zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man. Half minute of revolution of the energy around of the sensitive string of the spine, makes subtle progresses in the man's evolution; that half minute of Kriya the is equal a year of common development.

Kriya Yoga has nothing in common with anti-scientific breathing exercises taught by certain fanatic ones. Attempts of keeping the breathing in the lungs, until the exaggeration, are artificial and with determination unpleasant, The practice of Kriya, to the opposite, it is accompanied, since the beginning, by peace feelings and mellow sensations, of regenerating effect in the spine.

By this old technique yogi converts the breathing in mental substance. The spiritual progress allows to the devotee to know the breathing as a concept, an action of the mind: it is, therefore, a dream breathing.

With proper food, solar light and harmonious thought, men that are let to guide just by the Nature and her divine plan, will reach the experience of God in a million years. Twelve years of healthy normal life are needed for occuring the lightest refinement in the structure of the brain; a million solar years are necessary until purifying the cerebral lodging enough so that can be manifest the cosmic conscience. A Kriya Yogi, however, for the exercise of this spiritual science, doesn't need a long period of careful observance of the natural laws.

Kriya Yoga is the true “rite of the fire”, a lot of times exalted in Gíta. The yogi throws his human longings in a monoteíst fire of consecrated incomparable God. In this authentic ceremony of the fire, all of the last desires and presents are the fuel consumed by the divine love. The Last Flame receives in holocaust the last human madness and the man sees himself free from scums. Their robbed metaphorical bones of every sensual meat, his cármi cskeleton whitened by the antiseptic suns of the wisdom, without offenses to the man and the Creator, he finds himself finally clean.

Paramahansa Yogananda
Autobiography of A Yogi, chapter 26
Message of the Guru:

I don't "want to give any other proof of the truth not to be leaning in the personal experience. The more somebody practices her [Kriya Yoga technique] with patience and regularity, so much more it feels, intense and demoradamente, that is fixed in the Blessedness or God.

"Due to the persistence of bad habits, the conscience of the corporal existence, with all their memories, it relives occasionally and combat that peacefulness. If, however, any one to practice this method regularly and for lingering periods, he/she can be the sure that, in time, he/she will be in high state supramental of Blessedness.

We didn't "owe, though, with exaggeration, to imagine the possible results in advance what this process can drive and, then, to stop practicing her/it after short attempt. To do real progress, they are necessary the following factors: first, dedicated attention to the subject that will be learned; as, the desire to learn and a serious spirit of investigation; third, firmness until the objective colimado to be reached.

"If we just work partially and after a limited practice she interrupted, the longed for result won't come. A neophyte in spiritual practices, that it tries to prejudge the experience of the experts - the masters and prophets of all of the times - he/she resembles each other to the child that tries to imagine the one that resemble each other the masters degree courses.

It is "great feather that the men spend his/her time and their best efforts to get what is necessary to the mundane existence, or in intellectual controversies concerning theories. It seems that you/they rarely think to be worth the feather to notice and patiently to try in the life the truths that not only they vivify, as well as they check significance to the existence. Efforts badly guided arrest those people's attention during more time than the initiatives well driven.

"I am practicing the method mentioned by many years and, the more I practice him/it, so much more I feel the happiness of a state of permanent and certain" Blessedness.

Paramahansa Yogananda