Sri Yantra
  Sri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful yantras, that not only grants the most of the benefits, as well as it proves to be beneficial for almost everybody. It blesses with success in authority, popularity and financialy. Takes to the road of the name, fame, supplies and prosperity. It is the source of obtaining of all of the mundane desires and the satisfaction of all of the desires through the interior cosmic power and of mental force. "Sri Yantra" - "Sri means wealth, prosperity and Yantra meaning "Instrument". The Instrument for the Wealth, the Sri Yantra brings us every type of material and spiritual wealth.

Sri Yantra possesses that inexplicable force to satisfy all our desires and to change our life for better. It is defined as the answer for all our problems and negativities in our lives. Anyone using Sri Yantra conquers more abundance, peace and harmony. Sri Yantra helps to break all of the obstacles in our lives.
Sri Yantra
  Some external images are used in meditation or adoration to symbolize or to express certain ideas and divine qualities. When mantras (formulas of sounds used in meditation) are used in meditation, certain images are brought to the surface. It is as something liquid being crystallized in the solid form. These geometric illustrations are, actually, forms of crystallized mantras. A Yantra is a physical expression of a mantra being a divine aspect in the form of the vibration of a sound-Yantra in the form of a geometric illustration.

  Six triangles are actually, a combination of two larger triangles, one appearing down, other upward. In the measure that a triangle passes through the other, we got ourselves this illustration of six sides. The triangle with the vertex upward represents the positive aspect or masculine aspect; the inverted triangle is the aspect negative or feminine. In sânscrit, this concept is called Siva-Shakti. It is a combination of masculine-feminine, equally acted. It doesn't exist inferiority or superiority for none of the aspects; they are perfectly mixed. Any side you to turn Yantra, they will stay the same. This makes the totality, and it acts for himself the nirguna (non-manifested) as well as the saguna (manifested), complete aspects of the Supreme.

  Once the triangles are together, the hexagon then could represent something more: the six tattvas or basic beginnings-the five senses and the mind as the sixth. The crystal of six sides then shows outside in wider expressions of the energy and primordial problems. How does this happen? Out of the love. Then all the beautiful petals of the lotus represent the love manifestation.

  Another way to explain the petals is that the eight internal petals represent the subtle elements, while the external sixteen indicate the rude manifestations.

  Then you see the three larger circles around of the petals. They indicate as these elements from a distance they express as the three worlds: causal, astral and physical. But, this is not the end. The Divine expression is limitless. This because the circles are framed by a square with flaws appearing outside, representing the infinite of the creation.