Paramahansa Yogananda
Paramahansa Yogananda was born on January 5, 1893, close to Himalayas, in Gorakpur. His parents, brothers and sisters, were devoted and merciful, but Mukunda (the name of childhood of Yogananda),was the first among them. He revealed their spiritual gifts and powers although child.
The disciple of Babaji was Lahiri Mahasaya, that had his disciple Sri Yukteswar. This last one was Paramahamsa Yogananda's spiritual master.
For ten years, Yoganandaji was trained in high tasks in his/her Guru's Ashrama, at the same time in that it studied the academical career. After his/her rigorous training he was filled out of light of the vision of God; then, he now was ready to make responsible of the mission of the lineage of their Gurus.
The youth's education was always appreciated by the heart of Yoganandaji. He began his/her first school in Bengal in the year of 1917. His/her curriculum includes the pattern of the high school, as well as Yoga, meditation and the system of development physical call of Yogoda.
In the year of 1920, Yoganandaji went to America as a representative of India for the International Congress of the Religions in Boston, and starting from then, America became his home. Five years later, he founded Self-Realization Fellowship, tends the central thirst in Mount Washington, Los Angeles. In his famous book“Autobiography of a Yogi”, Yogananda supplied graphs descriptions of his spiritual experiences and the contact that he had with great Yogis of India. His book became a great spiritual classic in the world, having been translated in a lot of languages.
Paramahansa Yogananda had a wide and liberal heart. Although personally it went a great Master, he approached other sacred men with great reverence.
Kriya Yoga was the accomplishment method in God taught by Yogananda. His mission in the Occident was the one of spreading the knowledge of the practice of Yoga, for which a person can enter in union with God. Yoganandaji, also, gave new explanations for the teachings of the Bible, showing the similarity with the teachings of the Hinduism. He promoted a better understanding between the Occident and the East. Numerous students received instructions in the teachings of the classes of Yoga led by him, for 32 years. He spoke at churches, societies, universities and clubs.
In the year of 1935, Yoganandaji's classes were published in the form of lessons, and correspondents for the students for on everyone. In India, the same teachings were dispersed for Yogoda Satsanga Society, with the the central thirst in Dakshinewar.
Self-Realization Fellowship today possesses hundreds of centers around of the world. There are seven great centers in California, where resigned are to serve and to practice Yoga. A number of trained monks travels around of the world, giving speeches and initiation in Kriya Yoga for the students.
Besides they give instructions about Yoga and balanced life, SRF, also, does many social services, especially in India.
Yoganandaji reached Mahasamadi in the 07 of Março of 1952. The great Master showed his/her power on the death, his/her dead body if it didn't decompose for a lot of weeks.
" When you arrived to this world, you cried and all the others smiled. During your life, work and serve as such a way that, when it arrives the hour of leaving this world, you break smiling while the world cries for you ".

" I don't want the people to think that can reach the accomplishment simply listening the other ones, or reading books. It is necessary to practice what read and they hear. It is better to go the church then to be home and to listen entrusted conversation, but even in the church, you should feel intimately and to know the technique for the which can notice His presence. Sentimentality and intelectualism cannot give the accomplishment ".

" For the meditation we united the small happiness of the soul with the great happiness of the Spirit. The action of the meditation should not be confused with the action of the common concentration. The concentration means to remove the attention of amusements and to focus it in any thought in that we are interested. The meditation is a special form of concentration in the which we free the attention of the restlessness in us and we focuse it in God. The meditation is, therefore, the concentration that is used to know God. ".
" Concentrate your mind inwardly in the point among the brows (as in the meditation), in the limitless peace lake. Feel the eternal circle of waving peace to your turn. The more you to observe sincerely, more it will feel the peace undulations expanding of the brows for the forehead, of the forehead for the heart and of the heart for each cell of the body. Now the peace waters overflow the margins of your body and flood the vast territory of the mind. The peace torrent flows besides the limits of the mind and moves in infinite directions."