Tecnique and Materials

the wall
Murals and Trompe l´Oeil
Murals can be painted
with dry pastel, acrylic, encausic or fresco.

The surface to be painted on should be smooth, dry and in good conditions.
If the wall deteriorates,
the mural will follow.
Travelling to the place
and painting straight onto
the wall is the most recommended method
of applying a mural,
because murals generally
have more effect when painted in this way.
Murals and Trompe l´Oeil
mdf, canvas
Murals and Trompe l´Oeil

Murals on MDF
(Medium Density Fiberboard
3-6 mm) or on canvas
can be painted using pastel,
acrylic, encaustic or oil.
Canvas can be rolled, shipped, and
installed like fabric wallcovering,
and removed the same way.
MDF panel is to be hanged or
screwed to the wall.

Murals and Trompe l´Oeil
The impact of perspective,
in the majority of murals,
is calculated using an unique point of view
to obtain the best desired effect.  
From other angles of vision, the image will appear as an ordinary painting or a mural.
It is necessary therefore to choose the correct point of view to ensure that the mural gives the maximum desired effect.
All murals are easy to clean,
washable, durable
and sun resistant.

only uses the best
quality materials.