Time and Pricing

Elaborate works, like figurative, flora and faunas, complex perspectives and architectures
take more time to complete.
Decorative paintings, textures and imitations
of materials like wood, rocks, bricks or marble, is comparatively faster.

Commissioned work is priced by the job, usually with a day rate that factors in labor, materials, profit, and overhead.
Initial consultations are free.
Scaled color designs are provided for each commission undertaken.
Working in the studio rather than on site increases the quality of the painting
and eliminates hotel and travel costs.
Art works to be painted straight on a ceiling will be charged more
than those on an ordinary wall.
If you are interested in knowing an exact price, send an e-mail to Sensiart
with a picture of the wall, or alternatively specify the size and conditions of the wall,
quantity and quality of details, and your desired style and technique.