Why a mural ?


Collaboration with design professionals is always welcome.
Sensiart can work with interior designers, architects, graphic designers,
and landscape architects to ensure that the artwork compliments
the style and theme of the room.

Sensiart´s professional abilities range from esthetic conception
and emotions, up to the exact calculations of perspective
and illusory construction.

Also Sensiart is eager to listen to and interpret the customer's needs,
and encourages their input.

Murals and Trompe l´Oeil

A Sensiart mural or Trompe l'Oeil piece
is the perfect investment for your business,
and will allow you to transform a plain building
or office into a beautiful one.
This will greatly improve the environment
for your fellow workers, and will leave
strong lasting impressions
on your customers.

trompe l´oeil objects of illusion 

Trompe l'Oeil is an illusory painting technique
that creates a depth effect on a flat surface.
Add one of these illusory artworks to your home
or business and allow your eye to gaze and relax
where you would never before have thought it possible,
do you want a window with a view,
another room or a balcony ?

fake materials 

Create the illusion of wood, marble, tile,
granite, stone, or any other surface.
Transform a wall or room with ease
to the style of your choice.