Whole Meal Foods

They are those that didn't go by the improvement process or refinement. The integral cereals still possess films that involve the grains, rich in nutrients as fibers (important for maintenance and appropriate operation of the intestine), vitamins and minerals. The retreat of this film, through the improvement process, takes the considerable impoverishment of the product regarding the several nutrients, remaining the starch practically only (carbohydrate). Para that such starches can be absorbed, becomes necessary the presence of vitamins and minerals. If these vitamins are not supplied by the food (that is the case of the benefitted foods) the own organism will have that you supply them, removing of their stocks, and that in some time takes to the vitamin impoverishment and unbalance of the operation of the body (physical fatigue, mental fatigue, influenzas and constant colds, gastritis, pains in the members, arthritis...). For that, prefer integral foods (brown sugar, integral grains, wholewheat breads) because these supply all the necessary nutrients to the maintenance of our body.
SUGAR DEMERARA - Done of the brown sugar, through a centrifugação process. He/she has softer flavor than the mascavo. This sugar is for people that want to leave the refined sugar.
SUGAR BROWN - it is the sugar of integral cane, that it doesn't go by the processes of I refine and industrialization. He/she has a brown coloration and flavor as of raw brown sugar moída. Rich in calcium, iron, potassium and several vitamins that you/they are not found in the refined sugar. It is important to remind that the brown sugar is not advisable for diabetics.
AGAR-AGAR - it is an extracted white powder of algae, that when put in water, it absorbs taking her/it a gelatinous consistence, that besides being a substitute for the common jelly in the preparation of desserts, it aids to reduce the hunger and to regularize the intestine.
SEA WEED - Rich in mineral salts, they help to eliminate poisonous alimentary residues (industrialized foods) of our body. In the feeding, they are used in several ways: cooked in soups or with some integral cereal, French fries, as stuffing of vegetables and etc. Acting in the invigoration of the organism, of the bones, of the hair, they help in the treatment of the obesity, in poisonings for heavy metals, wounds, cellulite, fever, eczema, hepatic diseases, drop, menstrual problems, renal diseases, etc.
- "NORI" - of color violet or purple, he/she has the texture of a fine paper leaf, very maid to roll up the Japanese "sushi", is rich in vitamins B and C and proteins.
- "WAKAME" - known by English like Kelp, it is fine and green, very rich in calcium and iodine and great in soups.
- "KOMBU"-put in sauce in the water seems to return to the life, increasing of size, excellent in soups and even alone cooked. Rich in calcium, match and iodine.
ARARUTA - Araruta is a white root. The cream done with araruta is recommended for intestinal disturbances (dysenteries, diarrheas) and breathing problems (he/she catches flu, bronchitis). Restoring of forces. Excellent restorative when accompanied of plum umeboshi. Mixed with shoyu it is quite effective against he/she catches flu and infections in the throat. Used to thicken soups, porridges, puddings, jellies, creams, sauces, etc.
BROWN RICE - As main food, well chewed and ensalivado is a powerful food-medicine. It is extremely important as aiding in the treatment of several disturbances as:
- psychic unbalance and lack of memory
- purifier of the blood and digestive system
- if eaten pure, he/she makes to interrupt diarrheas and gases
- it aids the treatment of allergies
- for being rich in fibers it aids the constipation treatment
- to aid in cutaneous inflammations. Besides, it is a food practically complete, possessing the most complete chain of the 12 indispensable amino acids for the formation of new cells. Rich also in the vitamins THE, B, B2, B5, B6, AND and the minerals, calcium, match, iron, etc.
Preparation: Sauté garlic and onion in some oil in the pot. Then it increases the washed rice and let to toast him/it always moving until that it is lightly gold. Increase hot water, cover the pot and leave cooking in soft fire. Increase more hot water the measure that the water goes evaporating. Cook from 30 to 50 minutes and leave the water to evaporate entirely. After ready it increases gersal and I wet shoyu and serve.
OATS (CRUMB OF OATS) - it is the film of the grain of oats that for possessing a rich amount of fibers hidrosolúveis, it gets to eliminate the high cholesterol level in the blood, after eight weeks of constant use. The cozimento of the oats is great tonic fortifying convalescent. Excellent in the illnesses of the kidneys, lungs, throat, diabetes, rheumatism and weakness.
OATS (GRAINS OR FLAKES) - it is also a cereal of great importance in the therapeutic use. It is thankfully an ENERGY cereal.
- famous for increasing the physical resistance
- to aid in the treatment of the sexual impotence
- to aid in the treatment and anemia prevention
- it is hipoglicemiante, aiding the regularização of the tax glicêmica (sugar), being especially recommended the diabetics
- it stimulates the tireóide heating up the body in inverno.Rica in vitamins B, calcium, match, iron, sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium and manganese. Excellent for convalescent and athletes.
HAZELNUT - Excellent tonic cerebral. The oil is used as tonic capillary of great effectiveness against hair fall.
BANANA DRY - originating from nutritious Product the banana's controlled dehydration, preserving a lot of their nutritious properties. Exempt of addictive or conservantes in whole the production process. Good source of phosphate, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
SPROUTS habit of ingesting sprouted grains or germinated as sprouts of bean azuki, lentil, alfalfa, wheat, rice, etc., it is already part of the alimentary habits of almost everyone. Excellent sources of vitamins, (among them the vit. C), and minerals.
- they aid the treatment of physical exhaustion, stress
- recommended for convalescences, chronic diseases
- equilibrador of the nervous system
- to aid in the recovery of infections, viral illnesses
- they stimulate the nursing
- in the children's alimentary complementation and athletes
BRAZIL NUTS - Rich in proteins and due to his/her high tenor in magnesium, it is considered useful in the cancer prevention, it stimulates the production of milk in the lactic ones is tonic cerebral and general of the organism.
RYE - it is an excellent used food there are millennia in the making of breads. Suitable for the cases of:
- arterial hypertension, heart diseases, arterioesclerose, lack of memory
- it is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and match
- fluidifica the blood, favoring the circulation and turning the elastic blood vessels
BARLEY (COFFEE OF BARLEY) - With the toasted grains and moídos, he/she gets ready the barley" "coffee that calms the nerves and it is excellent restorative for the brain. Tonic for the heart.
BARLEY IN GRAIN (CEVADINHA) - light and refreshing Cereal, it can be consumed in bread form, the cooked grains (pure or in soups)
- it aids the treatment of inflammations of the digestive system and genito-urinary
- it avoids intestinal disarrangements
- restarador of the nervous balance
- it favors the rejuvenecimento of the fabrics
- it guarantees good calcification in the bones
- rich in calcium, potassium, match, silicon, vitamin B and carotene.
APRICOT DRIED - Excellent source of iron for the formation of red globules of the blood, preventing the anemia. Abundant in silicon, calcium, match and potassium, besides próvitamina THE and vitamin B12.
PEAS - LENTILS - DAL - they Have high carboidratos tenor and fibers. Low fat tenor. Good vitamin source B and mineral salts. Used in soups, salads and to accompany cereals, substituting the meat.
CRUMB OR FIBER OF WHEAT - Evita problems in the intestine as the diverticulite and the constipation. Low caloric tenor. Used in the treatment of the obesity. To consume with kneaded fruits, milk, soups, juices, breads and cakes.
WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR - it is the grain wheat moído without it has gone by the refinement process. Used in the preparation of cakes and breads, in substitution to the common white flour, that in the process of I refine, it loses vitamins THE, B, Zinc, Magnesium, Chrome, and other 21 important nutrients to the good operation of our body.
BEANS AZUKI - it Possesses degree of inferior fermentation to the other beans. His/her preparation is same to it of the common bean. It is indicated to avoid formation of calculations in the kidneys and in the vesicle, it regulates the natural hypertension and the excess of sugar in the diabetics. Being toasted the grains of the bean azuki and being added water a special tea is prepared for diabetics and for elimination of the excess of acid úrico. Excellent source of calcium, match, iron, proteins and vitamins of the compound B.
DRIED FRUIT - Valuable, the fruits attract us for his/her variety of colors, aromas, sweetened flavors, for the nutrients that supply, as well as for his/her vital contribution in our diet.
Prepared for dehydration processes more and more modern that you/they minimize nutritional losses, the dried fruits have high concentrations of minerals and fructose, the natural sugar of the fruits.
They are great substitutes of candies, because they are naturally tasty and nutritious, while most of the candies, even those done the base of fruits, contains a lot of refined sugar in his/her preparation, which the harmful tonam to the health (it predisposes the obesity, diabetes, desmineralização of the organism and etc).
Besides their characteristics of concentration of nutrients (rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, fibers and vitamins in general), the dried fruits are very convenient, they have good conservation and they are stored easily.
In the morning, in the snacks and in special plates... Saint indispensable foods for the adventurers; in camps, in sport practices, turns of the pedals and walks, guaranteed healthy nutrition.
JELLY - it is a super food produced by the bees queens. It is a wonderful group of vitamins and relatively cheaply. Suitable for the rejuvenecimento of the skin, to aid in convalescence, mainly in the tuberculosis; relief of the asthma; rheumatic pains; obtaining of calm sleep, general revigoramento, regularização of the heart functions, liverworts, renal and intestinal; he/she improves the appetite, children's development; depression elimination and nervous breakdown; relief for women in the menopause; he/she coughs, colds and bronchitis.
SESAME - black and white Seeds (or you yellow). it Contains lecitinas and fosfatos abundantly. Specific food for the nervous system, increases the activity and the reflex of the brain. Rich in Vitamins THE, calcium, proteins and calories.
WHEAT GERM - Great nutritious value (vit. AND, B, complex other B and proteins). it Protects the organism against the pollution. Excellent in case of sterility and disturbances of the menopause (insomnia, tension). it Reduces the arterial tension and varicose veins. It can be used in the yogurt, curdled milk, juices, etc.
GERSAL - Prepared with sesame seeds toasted and moídas with natural sea salt. Excellent for the good mood. To ingest daily, to each meal, on the integral rice already ready. Desacidificante of the blood, restorative of the brain and of the nerves.
SUNFLOWER - THE daily consumption of sunflower seeds prevents to cãimbras emergence. He/she helps the elimination of residues of the pollution. The tea of the seed is efficient against headaches and headaches of nervous origin. It is rich in proteins and complex B.
GLUTEN - also known as vegetable meat, it is done of wheat gluten and he/she has the texture similar to the animal meat, being able to substituíla. It is a nutritious food, rich in proteins, match, calcium, acid glutâmico (brain food) and vitamin of the compound B. Seasoned with parsley, onion, garlic, etc, he/she almost has the same flavor of the meat.
GRANOLA - Composed of oats in flakes, wheat germ, flakes of rice, raisins, chestnuts, etc. Almighty nutritional value. Used pure, in the milk, as covering of cakes, ice creams, etc.
NATURAL YOGURT - I Feed rich in useful lactobacilos, that space auxuliar in the correct intestinal operation, to control the indexes of acid úrico, to increase the resistance of the body aontra infections, besides having in his/her contituição proteins, vitamins THE, B, C, D, potassium, calcium, match, magnesium, iron and zinc. Great if consumed with honey or sticky of cane accompanied of granola.
SOY LETICIN- dietary Supplement destined to alimentary regimes and as preventive of resulting illnesses of the accumulation of fats in the organism. Suitable in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, in the reduction of the cholesterol and triglicerídios, in the protection of the fífado and to impede the formation of calculations biliares. Recommended as aiding in the treatment of the obesity and of illnesses of the skin and hair.
BEER YEAST - Extracted of the fermentation of the barley, malt, and other cereals that compose the production of the beer. He/she is the natural protector against lethal doses of radiation and pollution. Due to the presence of the cpmplexo B, suitable for people that suffer nervous disturbances or muscular weakness. He/she regularizes the intestinal functions, ajudao liver in the work of desintoxicação of the organism, protects the intestinal flora. To add to the milk, teas and juices.
LINSEED SEED- I Feed excellent for the operation of the treatment gastrointestinal, it possesses laxative activity, aiding in digestive and intestinal dysfunctions. It contains anti-inflammatory properties.
For being rich in acids essential graxos (mainly Ômega 3), it contributes to the reduction of the noxious levels of sanguine cholesterol. It is also fitoestrógenos source, contributing to the hormonal balance and prevention of you become cancerous (prostate and of mamma), symptoms of the menopause and osteoporosis.
He/she possesses in his/her composition 18% of protein, 34% of acids essential graxos, 37% of CHO, Calcium, high tenor of vitamins of the compound B and Iron (4,5mg/100g).
Geralemente used as vitamins " natural shakes " or Musli.
DEHYDRATED APPLE - In slices me in the form of tea, he/she has effect soothing, digestive, slightly diuretic, tonic, stimulant of the digestive secretions, auxiliary in the treatment of the gastritis, nervousness and heartburn.
WHOLE MEAL PASTA - it doesn't contain eggs or any addictive one chemical, being avoided like this the problem of the cholesterol. Prepared as any other pasta type.
MALT - it is an I liquidate darkness and with the same texture of the honey, obtained in the fermentation of starches (rice, corn, etc). Very used in the preparation of breads and integral cakes. The diabetics should avoid him/it.
SOY PROTEIN - pré-cooked Soy, substitute of the animal meat, with the advantages of not containing hormones and of obtaining more vitamins and proteins. To leave the protein of sauce soy in hot water, at least for 4 hours. Then to squeeze smoothly with the hands and to prepare as common meat.
SEA SALT - it is the natural salt that it doesn't go by the industrialization process. Composed naturally about 83 elements as bromine, magnesium, calcium, natural and organic iodine, etc. Used in normal amounts and in substitution to the common salt (that besides being alone chloride of sodium and to have added several chemical compositions, some cancerous ones) it contributes to the mineral replacement of the gland tireóide.
PUMPKIN SEED- Excellent vermifuge (besides against lonely), useful also how to aid in the prostatite treatment.
SEMOLINA - Obtained of the seed of the wheat and very used in the production with flour in the making of breads, cakes, pies, etc, as well as in soups and creams.
SHIITAKE - therapeutic and nutritional Values:
the) Lentinan Tumores, inhibition of the cancer
b) Ácido Ribonucleico Impedes the multiplication of the virus of the influenza
c) Ertadenin Lowers the level of the cholesterol and it stabilizes the sanguine pressure
d) Glicoproteína Impedes the multiplication of the virus of AIDS
and) basic Protein Impedes the infection through the virus.
f) Ergosterol Transforms the Vitamina D accelerating the growth of the bones
Research: University of Koibe and Nippon Kinoko Institute - Japan
The tea of mushroom Shiitake combats the thirst and the fever. He/she acts as diuretic and solvent of the cholesterol in the blood. He/she also acts as sedative for the cases of excitement of the nervous system. Praparar: to join from 3 to 5 mushrooms dry Shiitake and 2 glasses of water, to boil the water with the mushrooms until that the liquid is reduced to 1 glass. OBS.: When used desmesuradamente can bring heart problems.
SHOYU - Sauce done to the base of soy bean, salty and fermented, it is used to season soups, vegetables, green vegetables, etc. Tonic precious, restorative and rejuvenecedor of the blood. Excellent in cases of fatigue. Rich in enzymes, it contains proteins, vitamins, amino acids and lactobacilos. Ideal for rebuilding and regeneration of the cells. He/she also serves as conservante of foods.
SOY IN GRAIN - Important source of proteins, the grains can be consumed cooked as bean after the retreat of the film expresses (leaving the sauce grains in water for twelve hours and removing her manually). indispensable Product for the invigoration, growth, conservation and recovery of the cells.
DATE - he/she Has sedative action, suitable for insomnias, it aids the treatment of the cystitis, antidiarréica, excellent for pregnant.
TAHINE - Paste done of seeds of sesame moídas and pressed. Excellent source of vegetable proteins and of easy digestion. It is great for anemia. He/she substitutes the butter, it can be used in cakes, breads, cookies, cooked fruits, etc. Saboroza when mixed with jelly.
TOFU - (soy cheese) a great food because, this cheese is of easy digestion supplying the organism with the necessary proteins. Entirely free from cholesterol, he/she has low tax of saturated oils and few calories. Great source of calcium, vitamins of the comlexo B, AND, I iron, potassium, match and sodium. suitable for people co digestive problems.
WHEAT IN GRAIN - Rich in acid glutâmico, it is known as the food that accentuates the intelligence, creativity and reasoning. Great amounts of vitamins THE, B, C, AND, PP, calcium, match, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. it can be cooked just as the integral rice or used in the brotamento process.
WHEAT SARACEN OR MOORISH - Used for soups, pancakes, cakes, soufflés, pies, breads, puddings, geléis. His/her nutritional value is similar to it of the wheat. The pasta done with this flour (SOBA) it contains the same properties of the grain moído. It improves the irritation of the vases capilares.